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The Sully Show

You can hear The Sully Show LIVE on every Tuesday 8PM to 10PM.

It all started when Sully became a student of The Connecticut School of Broadcasting (CSB for short). Sully always had a knack for entertaining people since high school, he decided that instead of spinning records for a radio station he would go into one of the hardest area's of broadcasting. Mainly because he has way too much to say about different topics in Pop Culture. To Make a long story short, Sully graduated from CSB in June of 2007 along with fellow friends and former co-hosts Joe Henderson and Joe Castricone.

While working a full time job on 3rd shift working diligently on switching from one career to one in broadcasting, he found himself using the studios at CSB as often as possible.

So one day back in February of 2008, Sully met another graduate from CSB by the name of Steve. The two hit it off very well, and Steve wanted the same things Sully wanted. So they decided to join forces and created "The Sully and Steve Show". The aired live online from (it no longer exists so don't even try it) using to stream the audio. This certainly helped people listen live and repeats of the show periodically throughout the week.

In order to help bring more listeners, Sully believed that listener feedback was a very important key to a great talk show. So with some reseach and time he found a great way to have a live chat room while the show was on air and while the show wasn't on air.

So after broadcasting live on Wednesday nights at 6:00pm EST, Sully and Steve managed to make it to about May of 2008 doing live shows. Unfortunately, Steve had to relinquish his co-host position due to family priorities. With a complete understanding when it comes to family, The Sully and Steve Show was officially dead. After all Sully would of done the same thing if he was in Steve's Position. So the rest of May finished and Sully was without a show, without a website to broadcast on live and without a place to broadcast. It certainly sucked. However, and good entertainer knows that its just another obstacle to over come.

June 2008 came around and Sully had a breakthrough. He found a new team to broadcast a brand new show. Including his co-host Sev, and Henderson. After changing the name a few times Sully decided that The Sully Show was the way to go. With some more research and technological help, there was full video and audio streaming with a brand new way to broadcast, The Sully Show took off.

Now granted not all first time shows are perfect. After all, technical glitches are bound to happen. There's nothing you can really do about it. So after the minor glitches were fixed, and the broadcast was underway from the CSB Studios everything was going great... Until the amount of users crashed then entire system. A few shows later there was another bump in the road. Sev was called off to the military again for a broken shoulder that needed to be rehabilitated. So Henderson and Lil Joe took the reins as full time co-hosts.

After a few weeks of doing live broadcasts, and some really awesome guests like Actress Sari Gagnon (very good friend of the show), Actor Matt Huron Duranti (check out their pages on our links page) as well as Local Independent Wrestlers all the way through August of 2008, everything was going peachy keen fabulous.

Now some people who are probably bored with reading this blurb about the show are going "Hey that's great, where've you been for the last nine months?" The answer to that is simple. After our August 15th show last year something terrible happened. The internet we were using in the studios was killed. DSL stinks where there isn't a lot of speed for live video streams. To make a really, really, really long story short, the boys lost the studio they were broadcasting from.

Last but not least, aside from finding a new place to broadcast the show from, CSB unfortunately had a battle going on. Now there was literally no place what so ever to broadcast from. Since the CSB has reopened it's doors. So the only thing Sully could do was to take an initiative and spent the last few months building a broadcast studio in his house so he could broadcast the show. Through the advances in modern technology, a brand new chat room, twitter, facebook, myspace, and many other social networking sites, you can now listen and watch the broadcasts live. Through the power of Skype, Sully can now have multiple people from all walks of life call in to the show. What more could you possibly want from an internet talk show?

We hope to see everyone in the chat room during the live broadcasts. Tell your friends, tell your boss, tell your family and join Sully, Danielle, Greg, Adam and the resident redneck JT for all the Shenanigans that you know and love.

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