HippoJuice History

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The name name started it all; with a word like 'HippoJuice' how can you not create a comedy podcast and YouTube channel? That’s exactly what Nate, Royce, Ryan, John, Jason, and Marie did in 2004. 

HippoJuice the movie

We started out humble – one small handicam, iMovie editing, and stories that were rough around the edges and unprofessional. But with every new idea, we got bigger and better, with inspirations like the Lonely Island, Tim & Eric, and Weird Al. We eventually got better cameras, lights, microphones, computers, software, and a green screen!

Our projects got more ambitious over time. We started out with video improv, then moved onto writing scripts, music, then hosting a podcast.

HippoJuice has filmed martial arts competitions (for Brawl and Maul), live music events and parties (for the band Breeze), Obama pop art exhibitions (Ryan Paul Simmons) and comic conventions. We have also done podcasts live at the comic storeWar and Pieces, had a cross over podcast with Anthony Cumia's Live from the Compound, and guest appeared on the Ron and Fez Show and Big Kev's Geek Stuff on Sirius 197 / XM 202 Satellite Radio.

The HippoJuice live comedy podcast is always evolving. We have guests come and go, phone interviews, video and audio bits, contests, and whatever we can imagine (or our listeners for that matter!)

If you ever have an event, song or idea you would like HippoJuice to produce for you, feel free to contact us.