What is HippoJuice?

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The HippoJuice Podcast is a live streaming comedy internet radio show. We go live every Wednesday night from 7-9pm EST and sometimes do a "bonus show" where we continue past 9pm. Along with numerous personal stories from the cast, we enjoy talking about movies, TV, music, pop culture, and news.

Celebrity interviews includeBilly West (voice actor)Phil Lord and Chris Miller (directors of 21 Jump Street)Rich Vos (comedian)Tommy Wiseau (writer/actor/director/producer), East Side Dave McDonald, Erik (Erock) Nagel and Prime Time Sam Roberts (Sirius/XM radio hosts), Joe DeRosa (comedian)James Urbaniak (voice actor)Otto Peterson (Otto and George), and Jim Jeffries (comedian).

Fun Fact: HippoJuice used to close its podcast with the song "Still Alive" from the video game Portal until Portal 2 came out. Now see our Portal 2 closing video.